Your Children

Norway has great solution for care taking of your children at day-time, when you are at work. The links at this page leads to more information for the different services in Harstad.

The Norwegian School system

In Norway all children and young persons between 6 and 19 years have a statutory right to 13 years of education, including 10 years of compulsory education (grunnskole) and 3 years of upper secondary school (videregående skole). These 13 years are called “grunnopplæring”.

The Norwegian school system can be divided into three parts: Elementary school (Barneskole, age 6-13), lower secondary school (Ungdomsskole, age 13-16), and upper secondary school (Videregående skole, age 16-19).

Elementary and lower secondary school are mandatory for all children aged 6–16. Before 1997, the mandatory education in Norway started at the age of 7. Students almost always have to change school when they enter lower secondary school and upper secondary school, as most schools only offer one of the levels.